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Yoav Groweiss, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

ד"ר יואב גרובייס

פסיכולוג קליני


I am a licensed clinical psychologist providing individual psychotherapy and psychological assessment for adults in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In my private practice I work with individuals presenting with a wide range of concerns, including depression, anxiety, phobias, adjustment and coping difficulties, long-standing personality and relationship problems, low self esteem, eating and body-image disorders, and more.

My professional experience includes extensive clinical work in mental health clinics and hospitalization wards, providing individual and group therapy, psychological assessment and consultation. Additionally, I have served as a reserve duty psychologist in the Israeli Defense Force.

I received my PhD in psychology from Bar-Ilan University. My dissertation was titled: "A Sound Mind in a Muscular Body?" - A Study of the Relations between Muscle Dysmorphia, Early Relationships with Caregivers and Other Personality Factors. In my research I explored various psychological factors associated with Muscle Dysmorphia (aka 'Reverse-Anorexia'), a pathological pursuit of muscularity more common among men, manifesting in disordered eating, self-harmful behaviors and impairment in social, occupational and academic functioning.

I am fluent in Hebrew and English.

Contact details:

Phone: +972-052-2373903


Address: 30 Remez St., Tel Aviv, Israel, 6219213

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